Islip Dems

Monica Martinez victory the result of get-out-the-vote effort


When Tony Martinez knocked on a Brentwood door late Tuesday to get out the vote for his sister Monica in a Democratic legislative primary, the woman who answered said the family had already gotten the word to cast ballots.

"She said her sister, a third-year student at Brown University, had phoned home telling everyone to vote for her former teacher," said Martinez, co-chairman of Steve Bellone's 2011 transition team and manager of his sister Monica Martinez's campaign.

Political newcomer Monica Martinez, 36, an assistant principal at East Middle School in Brentwood, swamped 10-year incumbent Legis. Rick Montano in the 9th District primary with a well-financed campaign -- aided by money from Bellone and various party committees -- that relied...| read more ››

Meet Islip Town Dems New Chairman Gerry Pallotta

Chairman Pallotta with SC Exec. Steve Bellone

ISLIP TOWN—Up until five or six years ago, West Islip resident Gerry Pallotta was registered as an Independent voter until he began seeing what he perceived as positive changes being made in the town by Islip’s Democratic supervisor at the time, Phil Nolan. That progress provided some of the impetus for him to change parties. And now he’s guiding Islip’s Democrats to what he said is a rebuilding process that would not only lead to victory, but good government as well.

“There are no north, south [east and west] areas of the town,” he said. “Everyone should have a voice. It’s who we are. I want to see involvement from all corners, a rainbow of involvement where the [candidates] are...| read more ››

Islip town tax hike raises political ire

Islip Dem. Chairman Gerry Pallotta

The leader of the Islip Town Democratic Committee says his group plans to examine "from top to bottom" the town's recently approved 2013 operating budget, which includes a 28-percent property tax increase and employee layoffs.

Gerry Pallotta, president of the committee, called the tax increase, which passed unanimously last week, "unprecedented," and said town taxpayers deserve a full accounting of what the Republican and Conservative party-dominated board cut from the budget.

"It shakes the trust of the taxpayers," Pallotta said.

At least 22 full-time employees are scheduled to lose their jobs, and at least another couple of dozen part-time guards at the town's marinas will be out of work, town officials have said, adding that they still are finalizing the...| read more ››

On L.I., Islip among towns where Dems keep gaining on GOP


Nassau Democrats have continued to increase their voter registration edge, enrolling nearly 12,000 more voters than Republicans since the start of the year.

Since Jan. 1, Democrats have enrolled 94,655 new voters, while Republican have enlisted 82,732, according to Nassau elections officials. There were also 61,555 new voters not aligned with either party.

The new registration figures added to the Nassau Democrats' overall 33,031 edge in countywide voter enrollment, which now stands at 358,198 Democrats to 325,167 Republicans.

In Suffolk, meanwhile, Democrats have since April cut by more than half the Republican enrollment lead. October voter registration figures show that Republicans outnumber Democrats 301,206 to 296,047, a difference of 5,159.

In April, Republicans had a 10,039 voter edge -- and...| read more ››

ITDC member Marcos Maldonado and others help Brentwood violent crime fall by a third

Good news for Brentwood community

Violent crime has been cut by more than a third in Brentwood in the past three years because of increased police patrols, community renewal efforts, and an expansion of neighborhood watch groups.

Violent crime such as murder, rape and robbery has dropped from 223 occurrences in 2009 to 95 as of Aug. 31, the most recent date for which statistics are available. That's on pace for a reduction of about 36 percent.

Three years ago, the shootings of two young teens, one fatal, within five months galvanized efforts to stop the gang violence that had plagued Brentwood for years.

Police officials assigned Third Precinct Officer Charles Ross to create neighborhood watch groups in 2009. Watches in Brentwood have increased...| read more ››