On L.I., Islip among towns where Dems keep gaining on GOP


Nassau Democrats have continued to increase their voter registration edge, enrolling nearly 12,000 more voters than Republicans since the start of the year.

Since Jan. 1, Democrats have enrolled 94,655 new voters, while Republican have enlisted 82,732, according to Nassau elections officials. There were also 61,555 new voters not aligned with either party.

The new registration figures added to the Nassau Democrats' overall 33,031 edge in countywide voter enrollment, which now stands at 358,198 Democrats to 325,167 Republicans.

In Suffolk, meanwhile, Democrats have since April cut by more than half the Republican enrollment lead. October voter registration figures show that Republicans outnumber Democrats 301,206 to 296,047, a difference of 5,159.

In April, Republicans had a 10,039 voter edge -- and four years ago, during the previous presidential election, Suffolk Republicans had a 31,423-voter bulge.

Democrats already inched ahead of the GOP in three of five western Suffolk towns — Babylon, Islip and Huntington, as well as East Hampton on East End. On tiny Shelter Island, Republicans outnumber Democrats by only a single voter — 771 to 770.