Tim has been a leader on environmental issues

I have long been a leading voice in Congress for environmental protection and wise use of our precious natural resources.

With over 300 miles of coastline in New York’s First Congressional District, I understand that a clean environment is vital for eastern Long Island’s economy. From leading the charge against misguided efforts to reward heavy industry at the expense of our environment, to bringing back needed federal... read more

Fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security

I will always fight to protect and improve Medicare.

I have led the charge against the Republican budget that would end Medicare as we know it and transform it into a voucher system. Our seniors worked long and hard to pay into Medicare—I will always fight to ensure they receive the high-quality care that they’ve earned.... read more

Protecting the Middle Class

We need to lower the tax burden on middle-class families.

A strong middle class is vital to grow the Long Island economy. That’s why I voted to extend income tax cuts for middle-class families, voted for the payroll tax cut, and voted to repeal the marriage penalty and veterans tax on retirement pay and disability benefits. ... read more

Tim has been a force for job creation in Suffolk

I have long fought to protect good-paying Long Island jobs.

When Republicans in Congress tried to slash funding to Brookhaven National Laboratory, I successfully fought against their severe cuts and saved 1,000 middle-class jobs. And when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)... read more

Keeping the promise to our veterans

I voted to strengthen and improve the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA).

Our brave men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces who risk their lives to protect our freedom deserve our full support when they return home. I voted to improve access to high-quality healthcare, reduce wait times and provide $5 billion to recruit more doctors, nurses... read more

Working for Long Island

I have a strong record of fighting for Long Island families affected by helicopter noise. Together with Senator Chuck Schumer, I led the initiative directing the FAA to create the North Shore route that requires pilots to remain a mile offshore and has given relief to many Long Islanders, and I have repeatedly pressed the FAA to add a South Shore route. I will... read more