New York State Public Employees Federation Endorses Joe Dujmic

NYS Public Employees Federation

We are extremely proud to announce that we have received the endorsement of the New York State Public Employees Federation (NYS PEF).

The Public Employees Federation represents 55,000+ professional, scientific, and technical public employees in the state of New York. The union (known by its acronym, PEF) is one of the largest local white-collar unions in the United States and is New York's second-largest state-employee union. PEF also represents employees who work in private-sector jobs and local government agencies. The union publishes The Communicator, a newsletter with a distribution of more than 70,000, on a monthly basis.

As someone who has dedicated his life to serving the public, I have the utmost respect for PEF and all of its members and want to thank them for their hard work everyday. Although their dedication often goes overlooked, please take time to remember that our public employees have dedicated their lives to making our lives better.

I hope that this endorsement will help our public employees to realize that a friend is coming to Albany!


Joe Dujmic
Candidate - 10th Assembly District