Bishop Breaks Personal Fundraising Record in Recent Quarter

July 15, 2014

Farmingville, NY—Today, Representative Tim Bishop announced a record fundraising quarter, raising $525,000 from April through June. Rep. Bishop now has more than $1.1 million Cash on Hand, which will be used to highlight his strong record of fighting for middle-class families by protecting Long Island jobs and fixing the tax code so billionaires no longer have lower tax rates than the middle class.

While Bishop set fundraising records this quarter, including more than 2,000 contributions from supporters giving less than $100, the recent Republican primary demonstrated a complete lack of enthusiasm—turnout dropped by more than one-third from the 25,643 votes in the 2010 primary to just 16,765 votes in the 2014 primary.

"While Tim Bishop is breaking records for fundraising, tea party supporter Lee Zeldin is breaking records for low turnout and indifference. Suffolk County voters know that while Zeldin raises taxes on the middle-class, he wants to give tax breaks to millionaires and protect tax loopholes for big oil" Tim Bishop Communications Director Evan Lukaske said. "Suffolk voters don't want to be represented by a tea party supporter like Lee Zeldin, who is anti-choice and holds ultra-conservative views on women's health."