Tom Dolan Begins His Campaign for Suffolk County Legislator

Scott Moore
Lindenhurst Patch

Long time Lindenhurst resident Tom Dolan officially kicked off his campaign for county legislator at Venetian Shores on Monday afternoon.

“As a professional financial planner, it is my responsibility to help and keep businesses and families make smart decisions to secure their futures,” said Dolan, a board member of the Lindenhurst Bulldogs Football & Cheerleading League and professional financial planner. “I find it so fitting to be standing here today, a kid from Lindenhurst, where from this spot I announce I am running for county legislator.”

Dolan spoke surrounded by friends, family and children dressed in their football uniforms and cheerleading outfits on the football field at Venetian Shores on Monday afternoon under a bright, sunny sky.

Dolan has no previous governmental experience, although he noted he has a lot of support behind him.

“I want to make the right decisions for Suffolk County and to ensure a better future for the residents of Babylon.”

He was flanked by Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer and outgoing Legislator Wayne Horsley, both giving him their full support. Signs posted throughout the area and held up noted Dolan as a part of the Schaffer team.

“This race is going to be very competitive,” said Schaffer, noting a comment made by Republicans to Newsday recently concerning Dolan’s lack of experience. “I have to tell you, all I have to do is look into the faces of the many young people that Tom Dolan has coached, mentored and worked with over the years as a volunteer... and what he’s done as a parent and concerned resident.

“I can tell you his record represents an impact on our community by the impact he’s had on so many young men and women who have gone through this league.”

“People have asked me ‘why should I vote for Tom?’,” said Horsley, who announced his resignation earlier this summer. “Tom Dolan is a business manager with private sector experience, he’s involved with the community and his family goes back generations in Lindenhurst and throughout the south shore. He has all the credentials – and that’s just part of him.”