Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees Endorses Joe Dujmic


Our campaign received another major boost with the endorsement of the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees (AME).

Daniel P. Farrell, President of AME stated the following: "The AME Executive Board and Political Action Committee believe that you demonstrated some very comprehensive ideas in your quest for this office. Therefore you have earned AME's endorsement on behalf of our 8,500 active and retired members."

I am extremely grateful for the confidence President Farrell and the Executive Board has placed in me. As a former Suffolk County employee, I had the honor of working alongside many of the hard-working members of this vibrant and vital union. These men and women provide necessary and critical services to individuals across Suffolk County and I would like to thank them for their dedication to the community and for their support in this race.

This is further evidence that I have in the past and will continue to fight on behalf of the working families of Suffolk County once elected to serve in Albany.


Joe Dujmic
Candidate - 10th Assembly District