Start spreading the news! Democrats flip 40th statehouse seat of the cycle

Carolyn Fiddler
Daily Kos

On Tuesday, Democrat Steve Stern flipped New York’s 10th Assembly District, giving Team Blue their 40th pickup of the cycle.

Stern, an attorney and former Suffolk County legislator, won AD-10 with 59-41 percent (as of press time). While no Democrat has represented this district in the state Assembly for over three decades, Hillary Clinton won this Suffolk-area seat 52-45 and Barack Obama carried it 51-48 in 2012; tonight’s flip indicates this seat’s shift toward Democrats is progressing.

You can track this and every other legislative special election flip of the cycle on the Daily Kos Special Elections Results tracker.

Republicans tried this desperation tactic in last year’s race for governor in Virginia. It didn’t work then, and it didn’t work tonight: