Protecting the Environment and Public Health

Vivianne Falcone
Vivianne Falcone for Congress

Our Congressional District violates public health standards for ozone pollution and violates public health standards for soot pollution. This is the air we breathe. House Republicans passed a bill that would require the President to establish a committee to conduct an analysis of the cumulative impacts of EPA regulations on the economy. The bill would also delay the implementation of critical emissions standards.

Our Congressman Peter King voted to weaken the Clean Air Act by delaying current compliance deadlines for industry by a minimum of 3.5 years. This vote overturns federal court decisions interpreting the Clean Air Act and deletes provisions in the Clean Air Act that courts have upheld as unambiguously clear and protective and weakens the law's longstanding obligation to reduce hazardous air pollution based on the best performers in an industrial sector.

He also supported the Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation (TRAIN) Act of 2011 would indefinitely delay the Mercury and Air Toxics rule for power plants and the Cross-State Air Pollution rule until six months after a to-be-appointed group of cabinet level officials conducts a cumulative economic analysis of the impact of these (and many other) EPA rules for air, water, coal ash and climate change. The re-analysis would delay vital public health safeguards and lead to tens of thousands of premature deaths every year. Peter King voted ‘No” on 13 bills and amendments that were designed to strengthen protections and reduce ozone and soot in our air.

Republicans like to say that protecting the environment is about saving owls. The reality is that a protected environment means we can work without worrying that it will make us sick, that kids can play in dirt that we know is not toxic, our drinking water is safe, and that the air is clean. As your voice in Congress, I will make sure that every parent knows for sure that their children are drinking clean water and breathing clean air and that our government will put public health and safety first.

Source: Peter King’s Voting record: HR 10, 12/7/11; HR 3010, 12/2/2011