The Northport Observer Endorses Dr. William Spencer

Northport Observer
Northport Observer Endorses Dr. William Spencer

The Northport Observer Endorses Dr. William Spencer
Doc deserves it …
In the 18th Suffolk County Legislative District, incumbent Dr. William “Doc” Spencer (D-Centerport) gets our endorsement hands down. Dr. Spencer has been a productive lawmaker. His work to help Northport Village fund its sewage treatment plant upgrade has been invaluable for village taxpayers, who are nonetheless struggling to pay the high cost of the project.
Dr. Spencer also deserves accolades for his work to get the Centerport Yacht Club beach in Northport Harbor reopened after more than a decade of being closed. It was a small step but it is indicative of Dr. Spencer’s commitment to the environment and our suburban quality of life.
Dr. Spencer has been a good Suffolk County Legislator. He has grown into the job, and is now experienced and influential in the Suffolk County Legislature. Northport and its environs will benefit from another term with Dr. Spencer.
His opponent is Republican Grant Lally, an attorney from Lloyd Harbor who last year ran a surprisingly close race against Steve Israel for Congress. Mr. Lally ran for Congress in 1994 and 1996 after which he, his parents, his campaign committee and his law firm were fined $280,000 by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). It was the largest fine ever imposed by the FEC on a candidate for Congress, and it was the result of campaign finance improprieties. (Google “FEC fines, Grant Lally” and read all about it on the FEC website.)
That was a long time ago, and certainly enough time has passed so that we can, perhaps, forgive Mr. Lally for his misgivings during the 1994 and 1996 campaigns, but nonetheless, we still give the upper hand to the incumbent.
As it has done in his other election campaigns, The Observer offers its endorsement to Suffolk County Legislator Dr. William Spencer. He has done a solid job and he has earned our votes.