Newsday endorses Bridget Fleming in Suffolk's 2nd District

The Editorial Board

Bridget Fleming, Democratic candidate for Suffolk County Legislature 2nd District. (Credit: James Escher)
The 2nd District seat is an open one, as its current holder, Jay Schneiderman, has reached his term limit.

Enter Bridget Fleming and Amos Goodman.

Goodman, a Republican, is a finance professional specializing in mergers and acquisitions. He is focusing his attention on the need to improve Suffolk's fiscal health, saying the county has to be more "fiscally prudent." He suggests bringing back industries that thrived in the past, such as manufacturing and aerospace and defense.

Fleming, a Democrat from Noyack, has been a Southampton Town Board member for five years. Before that, she served as an assistant district attorney in Manhattan for a decade. Her time on the town board was marked by a fiscal turnaround, as Southampton went from deficit to surplus.

Fleming, 55, looks to protect the environment, prevent overdevelopment and encourage the construction of "attainable" housing for middle-income families. She's been particularly attentive to water quality issues, such as the need for upgraded septic systems that remove nitrogen and other pollutants.

Goodman, 32, is passionate about the issues he cares about and knowledgable, especially on financial matters. But he lacks innovative and forward-thinking ideas, instead looking to industries that are unlikely to return to a region where the cost of doing business is still high.

Fleming's calm demeanor reflects her willingness to work with others. She understands the unique requirements of her East End district, while also recognizing the need to innovate and encourage development where it makes sense. Her interest in environmental issues is welcome and can aid not just her district, but the county as a whole.

Newsday endorses Fleming.