Legislator Al Krupski sponsors legislation to improve budget and fiscal communication in county government

Southold Local

Legislator Al Krupski, who represents the First District in the Suffolk County Legislature and who serves on the Legislature’s Debt Reduction Committee, has introduced legislation which would require the County’s Joint Audit Committee to meet on a quarterly basis.

According to Legislator Krupski, the purpose of the legislation is “to ensure there is good communication among the fiscal entities in county government and to keep the legislature fully informed of the state of the county’s fiscal health.”

Although the Legislature is periodically updated on the county’s finances, there is no set schedule for routine updates. In addition, the legislation directs the chair of the committee to prepare a written report within 30 days of their quarterly meeting outlining the substance of the committee’s discussion and any recommendations for moving forward.

The Joint Audit Committee consists of the Suffolk County Comptroller, the Suffolk County Treasurer, the Legislature’s Director of Budget Review and the County Executive’s Budget Director.

“We are still in the midst of a budget crisis and it is vital that the legislative body be kept up to date on a more frequent and regular basis so we can better adapt and prepare for the future” said Legislator Krupski. “We need better dissemination of information and my bill will facilitate this.”

The resolution was approved by the Budget & Finance committee on July 22 and it will be considered by the full body of the Suffolk County Legislature on Tuesday, July 29th during their General Meeting.