Elect the Democrat! To win nationally in 2016, it all starts locally in 2015!

Larry Vetter

Dear Fellow Democratic Voter,

As your Candidate for Town Council, I am writing to personally thank you for taking the time and energy to cast your ballot last Election Day! Your vote says a lot about you! It distinguishes you as someone who knows what’s important, and puts you in a select group of Americans who care enough to participate in our great democracy.

On Tuesday, November 3rd we have another important election that will affect your local quality of life even more! You can actually vote for someone who will return your call when you need help with a local issue. Someone who is actually concerned about you- not petty partisan politics.

This year promises to be an exciting time to be a Democrat in Smithtown! With Republicans in disarray and fighting among themselves, you have the opportunity to make a real difference by voting for a Democrat who will win and be your voice on the Town Council.

And…To win nationally in 2016, it all starts locally in 2015!

Thanks for voting this Election Day - Tuesday November 3RD - and making your voice heard, instead of letting Republicans pick your Council Person.

Remember to Vote Row A - All the way from Steve Bellone to Larry Vetter!

Thanks and Best Regards, Larry Vetter

PS- I’m sure you’ll agree the 15 minutes you spend voting to oust the Ultra-Conservative Town Board career politicians, is more than worth it to have your own representative on the Smithtown Town Council.