Busted: Altschuler Caught Giving Tea Party Marching Orders

Tim Bishop for Congress
Tim Bishop for Congress

FARMINGVILLE, N.Y.—For months, Randy Altschuler has been trying to distance himself from the extreme ideology of the Tea Party. According to Newsday, he "insisted" he isn't a Tea Party guy. But that's just his public face. Behind the scenes, Randy is giving directives to the Tea Party in Suffolk County, and having secret meetings with them, telling them to handle his dirty work but to keep his name out of it. Now he's been busted.

At a Tea Party meeting in Shoreham the night of July 25, a Tea Party leader told a Tea Party audience, "Randy's headquarters doesn't really want it to get out in the public, but if we can quietly spread the word, Friday at twelve o'clock he wants to hold a little rally in front of Bishop's office in Patchogue."

What we've long known about Altschuler is now verified. He is directly involved in orchestrating Tea Party operations. He shares the same extreme views as the Tea Party when it comes to everything from slashing benefits for seniors to denying a woman's access to contraception.

“Altschuler has undoubtedly seen the polling numbers that show him trailing Congressman Bishop by double digits, and now he’ll turn to desperate, shadowy measures to smear Tim Bishop,” Bishop for Congress Communications Director Robert Pierce said. “For Altschuler, the jig is up. He can no longer run to the press and talk about his independence from the Tea Party after being caught giving them marching orders.”