Larry Vetter

Smithtown Town Council

Larry Vetter’s Vision for Smithtown


Develop plans to create desirable housing for our young people.
Streamline the permitting process for both businesses and homeowners.
Develop downtowns with viable businesses desirable to our community residents.
Work with Suffolk County to upgrade public transportation processes.
Open lines of communication with the county regarding the upcoming sewer initiative and ensure neighborhoods with high water tables are prioritized for development. Determine feasibility of including the entire town. [in this project]
Develop and revitalize Main Street – it is the key to Smithtown’s future economic growth.

Careers and Industry

Attract new businesses to Smithtown. This will increase revenue, enabling town government to pass along the savings to residents via lower taxes and add modern careers for our young people.
Provide tax incentives for businesses looking to relocate in Smithtown by creating a Smithtown Economic Development Plan (SEDP) with the Suffolk County IDA, Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Council, and local leaders.
Develop a town Industrial Development Association. Find underutilized resources to create this agency without additional cost.
Attract businesses with the type of technology jobs that our educated young people desire. Take advantage of Suffolk County‘s downtown revitalization process that has been in effect for a few years and has been ignored by our town officials.
Provide infrastructure upgrades to attract new businesses. This could include sewers, redesigned roadways, sidewalk improvements, buried power lines and a streamlined permitting process.
Meet with the Hauppauge Industrial Association and local business leaders to solicit ideas for increasing the occupancy rate in the industrial park.
Alleviate traffic congestion within the park by improving the roads and developing new traffic patterns.
Create an industrial development association to aggressively identify the types of businesses we want in our town. Look for internal resources first.


Smithtown’s infrastructure has been neglected for decades, and our high taxes have not translated into improved services.
Adopt Suffolk County‘s plan for public transportation improvements.
The Highway Department’s budget must be increased, with this extra funding dedicated to repairing our roads, sidewalks, lighting and curbs.


Long Islanders have always been envious of Smithtown’s beautiful parks and vast open spaces.
Develop programs and upgrades to our park system to encourage participation by all residents.
Protecting our parks, beaches, and open spaces while only promoting development in already designated commercial areas, provides the perfect balance between future economic development and preservation, without threatening our quality of life.

Town Government Transparency, Accessibility and Integrity

Reform, optimize, and consolidate redundant/obsolete town departments.
Trim fat from town government; reposition town employees based on experience and expertise, without layoffs.
Ensure government provides reliable services, while reducing the taxpayers’ burden. Operate the town as if it were a business.
The town board must always be available to every Smithtown resident.
Residents will have complete access to all aspects of Smithtown government.
My history in private business has been built on this simple premise: When I promise something, I follow through.
Entrenched elected officials have long used town government for political hires and favors, resulting in declining government services for the people of Smithtown. Partisan politics will not be a factor during my tenure.
Our residents and businesses are overwhelmed with government bureaucracy and red tape and are unable to receive appropriate permits in a timely manner.
The current permit process in Town Hall will be streamlined to make everyone’s life easier.