Jonathan Clarke

US House - (NY-03)
Jonathan Clarke

I am the managing partner at Clarke and Fellows, a small law firm devoted to fighting for families and small businesses. I have taken on big banks and insurance companies and won. I also head the pro bono division of my firm where I provide legal services to various animal rights organizations in New York.

My father, a disabled veteran, raised me single handedly. Unfortunately, we could not survive on the little money my father received on disability, so I dropped out of high school to work on air condition installation while attending night classes. I eventually graduated from night school and attended Nassau Community College before attending Hunter College CUNY to earn a degree in Philosophy.

I am not a politician, I am proud my political resume is short. I firmly believe that the legislative process should not be controlled by professional politicians. This country was founded on the notion of the citizen legislature where serving your country is a duty not a profession, and every citizen, with justice in her or his heart, has the ability to create good laws.

I also firmly believe that most politicians are totally out of touch. They have never wondered how they were going to put a roof over their family’s head; or how they were going to pay their student loan and still eat; or whether they would be able to afford to pay for a parent or child’s medical bills and still have gas for their car to get to work. I, like many of you, understand these dilemmas because I have lived them. More than half the United States Congress is comprised of millionaires. I firmly believe that Congress needs less millionaire politicians. Please join me in my fight. Together we can make Congress the house of the people once again.