Jason Kontzamanys

Brookhaven Highway Superintendent

I am proud to be born and raised in Port Jefferson Station, where I currently reside. It has been a proud and rewarding experience to have been working for the Town of Brookhaven for over a decade. My extensive experience with maintenance, construction and heavy equipment has given me the unique opportunity, as well as the foundation, to learn all aspects of the Brookhaven Highway Department. During this time, I returned back to school and obtained my Master’s Degree in Education from Dowling College.

I am a driven leader and dedicated to make needed changes to our roads system. I take this opportunity to run for Brookhaven Highway Superintendent for many reasons, I see a need for drastic change and want to give back to my community where I was born and raised. Currently, this department is financially mismanaged, and in extreme debt and is considered an extremely dysfunctional department by the taxpayers. In the 2015-Brookhaven Highway Department Budget, 31 cents on every tax dollar goes to interest only bonded debt. There is a huge budget deficit that has been created do to financial mismanagement from past and current administrations. This is the reasons why our roads infrastructure is falling apart.

My goals as Brookhaven Highway Superintendent, is to completely transform and modernize this entire department, in order to function to its highest potential. This includes raising the morale of the union workforce in order to increase worker productivity. I envision a Highway Department that would raise the bar to the highest standards of excellence. In order to provide a state of the art service for the people who reside in the Town of Brookhaven. If I am elected the people who live in the township will be proud of my accomplishments as a public servant and elected official. My vision is to make Brookhaven Highway Department a leader in the Highway Construction Industry and strive to be the best second to none. I will work tirelessly in order to obtain these goals.

My pledge to the taxpayers of the Town of Brookhaven, I will do more with less and utilize the union workforce to their full potential in order to save taxpayers money.