Doug Dittko

Brookhaven Town Supervisor

A 23 year resident of Manorville, Doug Dittko has done much to preserve open space, stop down zoning and ensure that the town adheres to its ratified Hamlet Studies.

As a Certified Purchasing Manager who has worked in the defense industry for 10 years with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Hofstra University, Doug has keen negotiation skills and demands accountability in all phases of project proposals by the Brookhaven Town Board and Planning Board. Doug frequents Town Board and Planning Board meetings, and has established a discourse with town and planning board members.

In an effort to stop severe down zoning, Doug initiated the Manorville-East Moriches Civic Association, which has successfully thwarted several major projects that did not conform to the town’s land use plan and would have severely compromised property value and residents’ quality of life.

Doug has:
• Established a proposed county nature preserve that will encompass 100 acres of pristine land in Manorville.
• Stopped a Hess Gas Station proposal on County Road 111 that would have opened up the Pine Barrens Core to future projects
• Stopped the Town Board from approving 25 homes that would have been built on a methane field from a former town sewage dump
• Petitioned the Town Planning Board to reassess all highly dense multi-complex developments
• Demanded that the Town Planning Board adhere to the zoning in our Hamlet Studies

Doug lives in Manorville with his wife, Lorraine.