Art Turkington

Brookhaven Town Council (6th District)

Art Turkington has lived in Center Moriches for 25 years. Art began his career as a mechanic and attended school during the evening to earn first a B.A.and an M.A. in Management. As an employee of a large, international corporation, Art’s managerial abilities were quickly recognized and he rose rapidly through the ranks. With each promotion, he gained extensive experience in labor relations, management development, regulatory compliance, and operations. As a manager, Art was noted for treating employees honestly and fairly to create a good and productive working environment.

Art recognizes that Brookhaven operations are a mass of inefficiency and are in dire need of updating. Art has spent his entire career evaluating systems and knows how to make work operations more efficient.

Art will work to establish transparency in all government operations and supports a process review to improve efficiency. Art also supports strengthening the authority of the Town Board of Ethics to investigate allegations of corruption and cronyism in Town hiring and contracts.

To grow jobs and businesses in Brookhaven, Art will work to build a partnership with Brookhaven National Lab and Stony Brook University.

Art and his wife Wendy are the proud parents of three adult children. They know and understand how important it is that our town government work to improve the quality of life for all families. With his extensive managerial experience and financial skills, Art Turkington will provide the residents of the Sixth Council District the representation that they need and deserve.