Anna Throne-Holst

US House - (NY-01)

As the mother of three young boys, Anna co-founded the Hayground School — an elementary school dedicated to bringing together students and teachers from all walks of life, to learn and grow in an environment emphasizing Social Justice and love of learning, while supporting kids with different learning needs and interests. And by creating scholarships for all students in need, Anna and the Hayground School were successful in bringing together students from all backgrounds.

Anna went on to run The Bridgehampton Child Care Center, allowing her to do more for children and families in need.

When first introduced to The Center, Anna knew it needed help — it was mismanaged and severely underfunded. Working to address management issues and raise important funding from the private sector, Anna listened to and worked with members of the community. She expanded the services families and kids need most, launching a Head Start program, after-school academic and homework assistance, teen pregnancy prevention, college prep, and computer literacy for youth and seniors. These programs continue to make a real difference for the many families who utilize The Child Care Center.

The Child Care Center made a big difference in Anna’s family life, too. That is where she and daughter Karess, first came together, and with time Anna’s family went from, “Mom and three sons,” to, “Mom, three sons and daughter,” as Karess, in a time of need, was welcomed in to the family.

The Hayground School and the Bridgehampton Child Care Center have made a big difference in the lives of local children, but far too many young people on Long Island don’t get the opportunities they need to succeed. That’s what led Anna to run for political office — she believed local government could do a much better job serving everyone in our community.

In 2007, Anna ran on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines for the Southampton Town Council — and was the only non-Republican candidate to win a seat on the Town Board.

Immediately after taking office, Anna identified a long history of serious mismanagement of the Town’s finances, including multi-million dollar deficits, runaway spending and uncontrolled borrowing — resulting in the Town’s serious rating agency downgrade. After Anna’s call for forensic and State audits of the town’s accounts and budgets exposed this financial mess, Anna focused her effort on cleaning it up and bringing stability and best practices back to the Town. Midway through her first term as Councilwoman, Anna was again approached by Democratic Party leaders to run for Town Supervisor in order to continue cleaning up the Town’s financial problems.

As Supervisor, Anna cut wasteful spending, reduced debt, and got the town upgraded to the highest-possible AAA Bond Rating. As a result of these efficiencies and budget savings, Anna freed up funds to invest in education, senior services, important environmental protection programs, as well as revitalization and job creation programs in the parts of town that need them the most — all while holding the line on taxes.

Anna is particularly proud of her recent effort to bring the New York State Clean Water and Technology Center to Stony Brook University. This unique and important institution will address detrimental nitrogen loading in our ground and surface water. And, by being on the forefront of this research, the center will help protect Long Island’s fragile environment, while also creating high-quality jobs and education programs in Suffolk County.

Anna has a strong record of innovative and practical environmental successes. As Supervisor, Anna implemented trailblazing sustainable building codes, effective alternative energy incentive and funding programs, and a robust open space preservation effort. Anna recognizes that environmental issues are at the core of our community. She knows that “there is no Long Island without our farmers, fishermen and a healthy environment.”

Over the past 8 years, Anna has demonstrated that by being responsible with our tax dollars, we can provide critical services, invest in our future, and create opportunities for everyone in our community.