Islip Democratic Committee

Meet Islip Town Dems New Chairman Gerry Pallotta

Chairman Pallotta with SC Exec. Steve Bellone

ISLIP TOWN—Up until five or six years ago, West Islip resident Gerry Pallotta was registered as an Independent voter until he began seeing what he perceived as positive changes being made in the town by Islip’s Democratic supervisor at the time, Phil Nolan. That progress provided some of the impetus for him to change parties. And now he’s guiding Islip’s Democrats to what he said is a rebuilding process that would not only lead to victory, but good government as well.

“There are no north, south [east and west] areas of the town,” he said. “Everyone should have a voice. It’s who we are. I want to see involvement from all corners, a rainbow of involvement where the [candidates] are...| read more ››