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Michael Marcantonio

Candidate for: 
NYS Assembly - District 12

Michael Marcantonio is 100% Long Islander and is damn proud of it! Born in Huntington Hospital the year the Mets won the World Series, Michael grew up in Northport and is a product of its great public schools, attending Norwood Elementary School, Northport Middle School and Northport High School, where he was freshman class president and a member of the Northport lacrosse team. After graduating summa cum laude from Lafayette college, Michael earned his J.D. from Duke Law School. He currently lives in Northport, in the house his father built 40 years ago, and is an attorney at the prestigious law firm of Kirkland & Ellis LLP. He is taking an unpaid leave from his job to run for this office solely so he can fight for the interests of the hardworking families of Suffolk County.

Michael is running to fight our corrupt state government and to protect the interests of the residents of Suffolk County who have been totally ignored by Albany for far too long. As Albany continues to treat Long Island like an ATM from which it extracts our hard-earned savings to pay for the needs of the rest of the state, Michael will fight to make sure our dollars stay here at home where they belong! He will fight to make sure Suffolk County gets the respect from Albany it deserves, including its fair share of funding for our schools, public safety and environment. Michael will fight for all the residents of AD 12, including those who are facing economic collapse from the LIPA Tax Hike -- or, as he calls it, the LIPA Tax “Heist.” As a Democrat, Michael will have the power on day one of next year to introduce legislation to help fix the perfect storm of crises facing Suffolk County. He will not vote to raise our taxes as they are already pushing far too many Long Islanders off the Island.