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Francis Bock

Candidate for: 
East Hampton Trustee

Francis is a life-long resident of East Hampton residing in Springs with his wife Barbara, to whom he has been married for over 30 years. Barbara is employed in the East Hampton Schools. Francis has been an active member of the community serving the East Hampton Fire Department for the past 23 years. He served two terms as an East Hampton Town Trustee and was East Hampton’s first full time Trustee Clerk elected by the Town Trustees. He has served as a scout leader for eleven years and established the first successful Eagle scout program in East Hampton.

Francis believes that the Town Trustee holdings are precious, sensitive resources. Without them, East Hampton would not be the treasure it is. He believes in balancing fair and equal use of these public areas while preserving them for nature’s needs. Reaching the proper balance is difficult but necessary. Our local economy depends on it. Francis has the experience and the desire to make that balance work. He believes remembering the past, working in the present and planning for the future are what the Trustees must do to be effective.