The Race


Lee Zeldin puts the interests corporations and multi-millionaires ahead of the middle class on Long Island.


Lee Zeldin has taken 17,000 dollars from a company that illegally dumped fifty thousand tons of asbestos and toxic waste in Suffolk County parks and veterans homes. In Albany, Lee Zeldin voted against holding corporate polluters financially responsible, leaving Long Island tax payers on the hook for cleaning up messes like this.



Islip Town formally blames dumping on Daytree of Cortland Square

[Newsday, 5/25/2014]

Suffolk dumping probe: DA convenes special grand jury

[Newsday, 9/13/2014]

Senate Bill S1675-2013. Relates to responsible parties for petroleum contaminated sites and incentives to parties who are willing to remediate such sites; provides that a discharger may present evidence as to third party responsibility for petroleum discharge; provides for apportionment of liability; provides that parties willing to remediate such discharge shall be entitled to liability limitation. [4/30/2014]

EPL names Zeldin as having the worst environmental record [EPL Voters Guide, 2013]

Zeldin Given Oil Slick Award [Pol Hudson, 10/12/2011]

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