Astrid Fidelia

Chairman Pallotta announces Islip Town Slate


Bay Shore, NY - Islip Town Democratic Chairman Gerry Pallotta, alongside County Chairman Rich Schaffer, Assemblyman Phil Ramos and Legislators Bill Lindsay III and Monica Martinez introduced the Licari Reform Team. The slate of candidates were introduced to a packed house of committee members at The Victorian Room in Bay Shore. The Licari Reform Team includes East Islip Attorney Thomas Licari for Town Supervisor, Mayor of Brightwaters Joseph McDermott and Christopher Pulitano of Holbrook for Town Council along with former head of the Islip Town Foreign Trade Zone Astrid Fidelia for Town Clerk and Community Advocate Maxima Castro of Brentwood for Receiver of Taxes. Islip District Court candidates are the Honorable Judge William Ford and Elizabeth Bloom.| read more ››

Republicans Reverse Course On Swimming Pool Closure Thanks To Oversight By Islip Dems


Islip, NY –As the summer season wraps up, the All-Republican Islip Town Board shows no interest in packing up their flip-flops. After a nearly 8 month battle in which the Islip Republicans repeatedly back-tracked and contradicted themselves, the Brentwood community finally can claim victory in the fight for their public pools.

Democratic Town Board Candidate George Hafele said, “This saga emphasizes just how important it is that we don’t have single-party control of our government. The Republicans filed their budget a week before Superstorm Sandy, which removed funding for operations at these pools, and then had the audacity to tell the taxpayers that the storm had damaged the pools. This was just the beginning of their twisted obfuscation while they...| read more ››

Islip Town Candidates Hafele and Fidelia Blame GOP Town Board Members For Recent Downgrade


Islip, NY –Ratings Service Standard & Poor’s has officially revised its outlook on Islip Town debt downward from stable to negative, dealing a serious blow to the credibility of the all-Republican Town Council, which has failed to make substantial progress towards balancing the budget over the last two years of their administration. The report, issued on August 22nd, states that the Board’s work has “not been sufficient in closing the budget’s structural imbalance,” and suggests that if the Town Council doesn’t take the issue more seriously, the town will lose its ‘AAA’ bond rating.

“For months, the board was so busy fighting with each other over an obvious power-grab that they failed to notice our bond rating was slipping,” said...| read more ››