Rep. Tim Bishop Calls on Lee Zeldin to Publicly State Which of Allen West’s Intolerant Beliefs He Shares

August 21, 2014

Farmingville, N.Y.— Today, Representative Tim Bishop released the following statement:

Rep. Tim Bishop said, “Inviting Allen West to headline his campaign kickoff demonstrates how closely aligned Lee Zeldin is with West’s far-right ideological agenda that has led directly to the dysfunction in Congress. I am calling on Lee Zeldin to share with Long Island voters just which of Allen West’s many destructive and repugnant beliefs he shares. And if Zeldin does not agree with these disgraceful and intolerant beliefs, I call on him to denounce them publicly, not just with words, but by withdrawing Allen West’s invitation to Long Island.

Lee Zeldin, do you share West’s beliefs that:

  • Nazi War Criminal Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the Democratic Party and that our current government closely resembles Nazi Germany?
  • The Democratic Party is a 21st Century Plantation and that certain black leaders are nothing more than “overseers?”
  • Federal student loans, so essential to many middle-class families, are communist?
  • Women who believe in making their own healthcare decisions are “neutering” American men?
  • Social Security is a form of modern-day slavery?
  • The DREAM Act is reprehensible?

Elected officials and candidates have an obligation to let voters know where they stand on the issues—and Zeldin owes it to the people of Long Island to either publicly state his agreement with West’s beliefs or withdraw his invitation.