Steve Bellone Named by ICLEI as one of Eight Mayors in the Country Driving Green Initiatives

Don Knapp
Planet Earth ICLEI
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

Supervisor Bellone's success underscores the fact that big cities aren't the only ones who can hatch innovative ideas and become national leaders on local sustainability. Bellone, a LEED AP, led the launch of Long Island Green Homes in 2008, the nation's first property assessed clean energy (PACE) program to help homeowners surmount the upfront costs of making energy efficiency improvements - and dramatically save money and reduce GHG emissions. The town lends homeowners a sum of money, and they pay it back via property taxes. If they move, the loan stays with the property, not the homeowner. Thanks to Babylon's trailblazing, PACE programs are now sweeping the country.