Southold Town Democratic Candidates Weigh In on Proposed Transient Rental Legislation


Supervisor candidate Damon Peter Rallis and his running mates say that the proposed short term rental law is unenforceable; Call
on town board to consider a rental permit process.

August 12, 2015, Southold, NY – Damon Rallis (, candidate for Southold Town Supervisor, and town board
candidates Albie De Kerillis and Debbie O’Kane today issued a joint statement opposing the draft transient rental legislation currently being considered in Southold Town.

“For more than a year, the Southold Town Board has discussed legislation aimed at addressing short term rentals within the Town of Southold,” the statement reads. “Through various drafts and proposals, the town board has fallen short of addressing the true needs of our community. It is our opinion that the current draft proposal is not only unenforceable, but can have a negative impact on our local economy and the community at large.”

In response, the trio has issued its own draft proposal which the candidates say represents a “starting point for discussion.”

“Throughout this entire discussion, my position has been consistent,” Rallis said. “As a fifteen-year New York State certified code enforcement official and Southold Town's former code enforcement officer, I can assure you that this proposed legislation is unenforceable and a rental permit process is the only
way to tackle this important issue.”

Highlights of the draft include a short term rental permit process with provisions for safety inspections, occupancy limits, the payment of county taxes, limits on the number of permits issued, and registry requirements to create a comprehensive rental law that is not only reasonable, but enforceable.

"This is an issue that can certainly divide a community,” O’Kane added. “We have worked hard to come up with a comprehensive solution that addresses the needs of all community members."

“The key to good legislation is the town’s ability to enforce it,” De Kerillis said. “The town’s current draft is unenforceable. I think that my running mates and I have come up with a real solution here.”

In their statement, the candidates say that the revenue generated from a short term rental permit process can be used to “hire additional code enforcement staff, if necessary, or perhaps be placed into a dedicated fund for future affordable housing initiatives. We believe that this is the type of proactive approach that town government should be taking when addressing the unique issues we face here in Southold Town.”

To read the entire statement and a draft outline of the candidates’ alternative approach to short term rental housing, please visit .

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