Joe Dujmic: Important Storm Information


Governor Andrew Cuomo and Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone have both declared states of emergency in advance of the approach of what could be an unprecedented storm system converging on our area.

It has been my experience in working for Suffolk County that we have an outstanding level of emergency preparedness and response -- both from professional law enforcement and emergency managers, and our dedicated volunteer first responders. I urge you and your families to consider the following:

-Visit either the county ( or state ( emergency preparedness web pages. Here you can access up-to-the minute information on evacuation routes, shelter locations and storm surge maps.
-You will also find information on the steps you will need to prepare to evacuate, if the authorities so order, or to 'shelter in place.'
-On the Suffolk county side you may also sign up for the "Code Red" notification system to receive telephone alerts on changing conditions and breaking storm news.
-If you have not already done so, please ensure that you have a supply of flashlights (with batteries) or candles in the case of extended power outages, as well as a battery operated radio. Also ensure you have several days worth of bottled water and non-perishable foods (including pet supplies) and an adequate supply of prescription medications.
-If you are ordered to evacuate, you should have ready a change of clothing (including raingear and footwear) and bedding or sleeping bags for each family member, any necessary medications, and a secure document holder for valuable family documents such as credit cards, checkbooks, and insurance information. Have cellphones and laptops fully charged.
-Please stay tuned closely to local television or radio news for the latest information, and stay safe.

*Please forward this information to all of your family, friends and neighbors so that they have the information they need and can be prepared for the impending storm.*


Joe Dujmic
Candidate - 10th Assembly District