Hennessey Secured Future of Old Patchogue Armory

Long Island Exchange
Long Island Exchange

(Long Island, NY) Assemblyman Edward Hennessey (D-Medford) announced that the old Patchogue Armory, located on Barton Avenue, will find a new owner and new life through the stewardship of the North Patchogue Fire Department.

The Assembly passed the 2014-15 state budget that authorizes the Commissioner of the Office of General Services to transfer a piece of land that was formerly used as the Patchogue Armory to the Nort h Patchogue Fire Department (A.8555-D). It also includes funding to help with the costs of remediation (A.8553-E).

“The Patchogue-Medford Armory is a proud addition to a quiet neighborhood,” Assemblyman Hennessey said. “I can think of no better group to take possession of the property than the North Patchogue Fire Department which has expressed a desire to use the building to help house and maintenance their vehicles. That’s why I fought for and secured $150,000 in this year’s budget to help them with the costs of remediation.”

According to an Environmental Site Assessment performed on the property in 2012, remediation would be needed for asbestos abatement in the building and for elevated concentrations of mercury in the septic, Hennessey noted.

“The fate of this armory has been going on long enough. We are grateful for the hard work Assemblyman Hennessey has done to ensure that this building does not become a dilapidated burden within the community but rather a benefit for the residents of North Patchogue and other local fire departments. One of our goals is to use this building to consolidate maintenance service. We will be reaching out to several fire departments in the area to coordinate,” said Paul Gonnelly Chairman of Board of Fire Commissioners for North Patchogue Fire District.

“The old armory needs some TLC and stewardship,” Hennessey said. “And I believe the North Patchogue Fire Department is the right group to fill that need. With their oversight, this old landmark will be repurposed in a way that fits into the neighborhood.”