Democrats Take the Lead in Southold!


The Southold Town Democratic Committee is proud to announce that as of October 15th, 2020, Suffolk County Board of Elections data indicates that active Democratic registrations now outnumber active Republican registrations in Southold Town. This represents a drastic reversal from just a few years ago, when there were over 1500 more registered Republicans than Democrats.

Board of Elections data report active Democratic registrations at 6124 vs 6120 active Republican registrations. This is a small but very significant difference.

“The Southold Democrats have been closely following these numbers since 2017, and knew this was coming. But it’s absolutely happened more quickly than we anticipated,” says Kathryn Casey Quigley, Committee Chair.

The Committee attributes the increased pace to a growing anti-Trump sentiment fueled by the administration’s pitiful response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and general dissatisfaction with the Trump-Zeldin-Russell agenda. The closeness of the 2019 Town elections proves that this is not merely a nationally-motivated phenomenon.

But make no mistake, this is not antipathy alone. “Committee volunteers and other active community members have spent tireless hours over the past 3 years, registering voters. From going door-to-door to setting up tables at grocery stores, events and local parks, the Democratic Committee and their allies have been dedicated to growing the base of voters in this town and inspiring more people to engage in the democratic process” Casey Quigley says.

“We are proud of our progress and this tremendous accomplishment, and have no doubt the wave will continue, so that registered Democrats outnumber even the Republican and Conservative parties combined.” This news comes just as early voting has begun in Southold Town, and the Southold Democrats believe this Democratic enthusiasm will be reflected in the results on November 3rd.

Southold looks forward to electing Joe Biden & Kamala Harris, Nancy Goroff, Laura Ahearn and Laura Jens Smith. “We are also eager to continue to engage these new voters in the local party and town elections in 2021, bringing the wave of change this town so clearly needs.”

For more information, contact: Kathryn Casey Quigley, Democratic Committee Chairwoman: 631-793-2002