Dean Murray's latest political stunt crosses the line


“Dean Murray’s latest political stunt crosses the line. He has clearly reached a new low. I don’t know what’s worse – attempting to mislead the court in a lawsuit claiming I don’t live here, or having some creep crawl under my family car to place a GPS tracking device to stalk us. With this disturbing behavior, Murray has taken negative campaigning to a new low. The judge affirmed I live in the district, and now voters should question whether this man who has gone to such bizarre lengths to prove otherwise is really fit for public office.

“The baseless accusations of Murray’s lawsuit have been a desperate attempt, yes to harm me, but even worse to disenfranchise voters. In the end it has all been a distraction from the real issues facing the hardworking families in our community.

“Unlike Mr. Murray, I have called Brookhaven’s South Shore my home for over 40 years. I understand the struggles Brookhaven’s families face because I have always been a part of this community. Maybe where Dean Murray comes from this is how they run campaigns to get votes, but what he did is politics at its very worst. It’s bad for civil discourse; it’s bad for people and it’s bad for communities. I’d rather talk to our neighbors about what I’ve done in Albany to make their lives better.”