County Executive Steve Bellone Endorses Larry Vetter For Town Council


“Larry Vetter will be my ‘Partner in Smithtown’ on Budget and Environmental Issues”

SMITHTOWN, NY - Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone today endorsed Larry Vetter, the Democratic candidate for Town Council in Smithtown.

“I look forward to having Larry Vetter as my partner in Smithtown on budget and environmental issues,” said County Executive Bellone. “As an entrepreneur whose business provides environmental solutions, he will bring his real world experience of financial responsibility and environmental expertise to the Town Board.”

“I know Larry understands the importance of ensuring Smithtown attracts young professionals,” continued Mr. Bellone. “Together we will create an innovation economy, inspiring young people to stay, raise families and prosper in Smithtown.”

“I want to thank Steve Bellone for his endorsement – I’m proud to have his enthusiastic support,” said Larry Vetter. “I agree with our County Executive - we have to reverse the brain drain from our area. We cannot achieve our full economic potential and we cannot create a more prosperous future, if Smithtown is unable to retain our young, highly educated, highly skilled workers necessary to build an innovative economy.” ... Read More at