Affordable Care Act

Vivianne Falcone
Vivianne Falcone for Congress

Three out of five registered voters in New York ages 30 to 64 support Governor Cuomo’s plan to create a health insurance exchange, which is estimated to provide coverage for 1 million uninsured New Yorkers and reduce the cost of insurance for small businesses and those who are self-insured, with no cost to the State, according to a survey by AARP.

Peter King voted to repeal funding to states for implementing the Health Care Exchanges required by the Affordable Care Act, a law recently upheld by the US Supreme Court. He also voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and has not proposed anything to replace it.
Healthcare in the U.S. is nearly 18% of our economic GDP. By helping to contains costs, the Affordable Care Act helps you with your families budget by:

• Closing the Medicare part D ‘donut’ hole that costs seniors thousands of dollars
• Extended coverage to over 1 million young adults previously uninsured
• Insures people with pre-existing conditions who were previously denied coverage
• Makes sure insurance companies pay at least 80% of what they collect in premiums out in claims

This year, rebate checks from insurance companies are going back to companies and individuals because the insurance companies have collected more than they paid out. Nationwide, 125 insurers reported that they expect to issue rebates to large groups covering 7.5 million enrollees. Nearly a quarter of projected large group rebates are from insurers in New York, with $127 million in expected refunds.

Based on his votes in Congress, it is clear that Peter King is not on the side of your family’s struggles to pay for healthcare. He is not on the side of the senior splitting pills to save money because they have reached the donut hole. He clearly falls squarely on the side of large insurance companies, which is a shame for all of us.