Neil Krupnick

Riverhead Town Council

Neil Krupnick has successfully owned his own small business since 1995. Currently, he is the President of the Northville Beach Civic Association. Neil recently led the fight to stop the United Riverhead Terminal from expanding an industrial non-conforming use in a residential area and is currently trying to convince the Riverhead Town Board to impose weight and size restrictions on trucks, especially those carrying hazardous materials, on our narrow, two lane roads.

Neil is committed to the health, safety, and prosperity of all Riverhead citizens and will continue his fight no matter what. His involvement with other civic associations and his position on the North Fork Preserve County Park Advisory Committee has enabled him to become well-versed and involved in many issues.

His hopes for Town Hall include a renewed and focused commitment to bringing back downtown Riverhead, rooting out waste to help dig our town out of crippling debt, begin leasing land at EPCAL to start bringing in much-needed income, keeping both our waterways and drinking water clean, and working directly with our police force and local businesses to do everything we can to keep Riverhead safe.