Mike Kaplan

Brookhaven Highway Superintedent
Mike Kaplan

I’ve been a public servant since 1986 and worked for the Town Of Islip Highway for 20 years and then for the Town of Huntington Highway Office for 10 years. I also served in the U.S. Army for 10 years with 2 Combat Deployments. While in Huntington working directly for the Superintendent of Highway, I learned the following is essential for the office I’m seeking:
• Residents always come first!
• Storm preparedness and storm cleanup is essential.
• Comprehensive Road Rehabilitation Programs must be in place.
• Comprehensive Drainage mitigation and maintenance programs are a must.
• Comprehensive sweeping programs are vital to the longevity of our roads.
• Comprehensive pothole programs, if done well, can extend the life of roads and
taxpayer dollars.
In addition, I’ve designed, implemented and believe in a three S system: SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. This program ensures employee safety and above everything else the safety of anything within the Town Right of Way so all residents can be confident roads will always maintained for safe travel.