Mary Eisenstein

Southold Town Council
Mary Eisenstein - Candidate for Southold Town Council

Mary Eisenstein is a businesswoman who has been a resident of Mattituck for over two decades. A diplomat at heart, Mary has been a mediating force running her company, Melmar Enterprises. Often at the center of private and public dispute, Mary has brought settlement and resolution to parties that previously could not find a way to work together.

Mary also has a history of taking initiative and is tenacious when challenged by issues that can be resolved through public or private discourse. Her success in this regard has come from her ability to take an impartial position, letting her decision process rely on a fact-based, democratic process. In short, Mary is proactive leader, an inclusive facilitator and an independent thinker. She believes these qualities are what she can bring to the important decisions that will come before the Southold Town Board over the next four years.