Keith Barrett

Huntington Town Council
Huntington Town Council candidate Keith Barrett

Keith was born and raised in Huntington Station, graduated from Walt Whitman High School (Class of 1973) and raised his family in Melville, proudly sending his three children to South Huntington public schools. He has successfully run an Automotive business for decades in Huntington Station and most currently, has assumed the role of Deputy Director of General Services for the Town of Huntington where he has helped streamline operations and improve services for constituents.

Keith's record of service in Huntington is long standing and extensive. As a small business owner in Huntington Station, he was the Founder and first President of the Huntington Station Business Improvement District (BID) in 2004. Under his leadership, the BID continues to contribute greatly to important issues such as safety, working with the police department to identify locations and fund the installation of innovative security devices, beautification, sponsoring and installing holiday decorations, planting trees and sponsoring cleanups; economic development, working with small business owners to surmount challenges associated with business management and civic engagement, sponsoring and participating as a Co-Chair of the Huntington Station Parade and other initiatives that bring pride to the community.

Keith spends much of his free time volunteering and working to increase civic engagement. He has partnered with key stakeholders in Huntington to run voter registration drives and educate people about the importance of participation. Since 2012, he has been active in contributing to forums aimed at building neighborhood watch groups and getting communities involved in civic life.

Keith's commitment to responsible economic development is significant. In 2013, Keith initiated an internship program aimed at helping Huntington's young people get professional experience and become gainfully employed. He has brought an annual fancy car show program to Huntington Station to highlight special cars throughout the summer and was a key contributor to attracting the farmer's market to the Jack Abrams School each Sunday. As an appointee to Suffolk County's Downtown Revitalization Committee, Keith worked with his colleagues and secured money for revitalization in downtown Northport twice, providing grant money for a cross walk improvement at Woodbine and Main Street and at the cross walk of the East Northport library on Larkfield Road. Keith also worked to secure money for an informational kiosk that will be placed by the water in Northport village. Keith is a long-standing active member of the local Chamber of Commerce, Long Island Business Council and Suffolk County Alliance of Chambers.

Keith's commitment to Huntington's youth began when he became active in cub scouts when his children were scouts and his wife was a leader. He soon became a little league coach and served on the St. Hugh, St. Elizabeth Little League Board for 12 years in the 1980's and 1990's. He also coached soccer and basketball for the St. Hugh, St. Elizabeth leagues and enjoyed mentoring and encouraging children in what was often their first exposure to team sports. As President of the Huntington Station BID, Keith spearheaded an initiative to fund the Long Island Community Agricultural Network (LICAN) to bring an educator to Gateway Gardens and teach children about gardening and healthy eating. Huntington's children have been benefiting from this unique opportunity for several summers. As a father of three boys, two who teach and coach in the South Huntington, Huntington and Harborfields School district and a proud grandfather, Keith's ongoing presence and contribution to Huntington's youth has never wavered.

Keith is excited to run for Town Councilman to continue his long record of service in Huntington and bring his track record of success in applying effective and manageable planning to better the magnificent Township of Huntington. He is experienced and devoted to keeping Huntington strong and vibrant and bringing solutions to meet the very real challenges faced in this Township. He is filled with vim, vigor and vitality and ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work on behalf of the good people of Huntington.