Jonathan Kornreich

Brookhaven Council District 1
Jonathan Kornreich

Jonathan’s first major role in community service was in 2008 when he was elected to the Three Village Board of Education. For more than 12 years since, he has worked towards improving educational outcomes for our kids while remaining relentlessly focused on maximizing taxpayer value through efficiencies and strong oversight. Leading with a thoughtful and pragmatic voice, he has successfully run for election to the school board five times, serving in leadership roles including Vice President and Chair of the Finance and Audit committee where he supervised audits of the more than $200 million school budget.
Guided by a strong sense of the critical values of education, philanthropy and community service, Jonathan has served the community in numerous impactful roles. In addition to his service on the school board, Jonathan is the current President of the Three Village Civic Association where he has served since 2010. Under his leadership, the Civic won wide acclaim for its response to the COVID-19 outbreak, mobilizing to raise approximately $10,000 and making grocery deliveries to at-risk neighbors throughout the district. He is also the past President of the North Shore Montessori School in Stony Brook and is a past Vice President of the Suffolk County Boys and Girls Club.
Jonathan has many years of experience in rebuilding and revitalizing communities that have been hurt by economic crises, natural disasters, and humanitarian emergencies. As a sought-after expert in this field, Jonathan was called on to help consult and advise on reconstruction in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010 and visited the country numerous times. He’s also served as an advisor for engineering and construction firms. As a civic association President, Jonathan understands very well that every community has its own unique characteristics and challenges, and he will bring his years of global experience to bear on local issues here at home.
Jonathan’s widely varied business background allows him a unique perspective on how to face the challenges facing our local businesses. After graduating from SUNY Albany, Jonathan started his working life as a commercial scuba diver but soon applied his entrepreneurial spirit to start a successful local swimming pool business which he ran for almost 20 years. He’s since worked as an angel investor to help others achieve their dream of small business ownership, mentoring and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Jonathan has lived and traveled all over the world but still finds there’s no place he’d rather be than the place he calls home, in Stony Brook, where he lives with his wife Linda and their two daughters.