Jeffery Bragman

East Hampton Town Council

Jeff has been a resident of East Hampton for thirty years and is a graduate of Yale University. He runs a small law firm, and is a zoning, planning and environmental lawyer and activist who has served as counsel on all of East Hampton’s appointed boards. His firm is unique on the East End because it regularly takes on environmental causes on behalf of local residents and public interest groups, opposing over-development.

Proven Leadership

Fought Cedar Street bus maintenance facility to protect nearby public water supply wells
Helped broker the preservation of 57 acres ofopen space at Boys Harbor and obtained approvals necessary for the protection of this historic site
Led neighborhood groups to stop plans for two separate shopping centers on the east and west entrances to Bridgehampton
Led neighborhood opposition to stop proposed rock concert for 10,000 attendees in quiet Amagansett
Protected the Thomas Strong Homestead, the oldest existing house in Wainscott
Fought to protect neighborhood character of Sag Harbor’s historic African-American neighborhoods
Protected Sag Harbor’s signature historic Gingerbread house
Fought for local airport control to reduce air traffic noise


Democratic, Independence and Working Families parties