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George "Gio" Woodson

Candidate for: 
Riverhead Highway Superintendent

A Profile of Candidate George “Gio” Woodson
George Woodson was born and raised in the Town of Riverhead. After graduating from high school he enlisted in the United States Army, where for four years he served as a Police Traffic Accident Investigator. Returning home, Mr. Woodson was hired by the Riverhead Highway Department, where he rose through the ranks to Crew Leader. In 2006 he ran for the office of Highway Superintendent, losing by just fifty votes. Not a man to give up, he ran again in 2008 and won.
Mr. Woodson feels that his 20 years of experience in the Highway Department has helped him to make many improvements as Highway Superintendent, including:
➢ Updating and computerizing the sign-making department
➢ Purchasing good used equipment to save taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars
➢ Completing the constructions of two new salt barns
➢ Upgrading the radio communication system
➢ Reorganizing routes for faster, more efficient snow plowing
➢ Continuing to sponsor an annual scholarship for a Riverhead High School student via the
Suffolk County Highway Superintendent’s Association [1]
➢ Attending conferences and classes to keep up with the newest techniques and ideas for
more efficient maintenance of town infrastructure
Please note that although the Department’s staff has decreased by almost 30%, from 47 to 34 employees, it continues to provide the excellent service that taxpayers have come to expect.
Furthermore, Mr. Woodson has been a member of the Riverhead Fire Department for over 25 years, with 6 years as Chief, and currently is First Vice President of the Riverhead Town Fire Chief’s Association. He is also First Vice President of the Suffolk County Highway Superintendent’s Association, as well as a member of the Masonic Lodge #91. In 2010 he was honored to be chosen Man of the Year, and in 2011 Public Servant of the Year. [2]
George Woodson is a hard worker who puts in long hours and is not afraid to tackle any project or problem. He constantly seeks to implement more effective procedures, and to keep the roads safe for all who travel in the Town of Riverhead.