Farzeen Bham

NYS Senate - 3rd SD
Farzeen Bham

We Long Islanders have faced many challenges. From storms to lockdowns, we have gone through tragedy and despair that we would have never even thought was possible. But as these challenges came, our community persevered. By coming together and helping one another, our community has come through this pandemic stronger than ever. With the virus in our rearview, we must look at the problems that have faced our community for decades. We continue to deal with rising state taxes and an education system in crisis. Year after year, our community continues to pay more and more with no end in sight.
Born and raised in this community, I’ve always believed in a simple principle: When your community needs help, you don’t stand back and hope for the best, you step up and make it your responsibility. It’s a belief that’s been instilled in me by my family, and the amazing community I call home. Throughout my life, I’ve looked to do just that, by serving as a student and community leader in a variety of positions.
I am dedicated, energized, and inspired to announce my candidacy for the New York State Senate District 3. As your next state senator, I will put our community above all else. I will address the crucial problems we truly face, and use my voice to unite the people of our district. I’m not looking to serve one political party, but rather all the voices of our district, by listening and learning from people with different beliefs, hopes and dreams for the future of Long Island and our State.
Throughout this campaign, I aim to spread a unifying message across our District and speak on my ideas to truly give our community a voice in our state government.