Dylan Rice

Smithtown Council
Dylan Rice

I was born in West Islip, lived in Nesconset for a year, then moved to Smithtown where I have lived ever since. I was raised in an Irish Catholic household with two wonderful parents, one older brother, and one younger sister. My family came from humble backgrounds and my parents faced many hardships growing up on Long Island. Though unfortunate, I also consider myself blessed for this, as it has been instrumental in shaping my beliefs and core convictions as a man.

I attended school within the Hauppauge School District, starting at Forest Brook Elementary and ending at Hauppauge High School. I then went on to attend SUNY Purchase, but returned home to attend Suffolk County Community College. After a year at Suffolk I then transferred to the SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology, where I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree in "Advertising and Marketing Communications" with a minor in International Politics and Economics.

While attending a conference through my work in the Student Government at FIT, I had a moment of clarity. I knew I wouldn't be happy unless my life was dedicated to serving the public. I have felt the call of public service since I was a child, falling in love with the subject of history and growing to admire the great and influential leaders from all aspects of it. But my passion is not for fame and glory, it is to make my town, state, and country a better place for those who live in them. My legacy is irrelevant, the change I want to bring about is my driving force and guiding light.

If you told me a few years ago that I'd be running for office, I'd have said you were crazy. I admittedly had lost a lot of faith in the systems that exist, from local all the way to federal. But this cynicism was denying something that is a fundamental aspect of myself, an internal drive to do good. Perhaps it stems from my own beliefs in Catholicism, but any second, minute, hour, day, not spend trying to better the world is time I can't help but see as wasted. I know my life's purpose is to help others, and my own experiences and skills have made me realize I can do this by pursuing office in an effort to bring about real and lasting change that benefits others rather than myself.

Some opportunities that helped me realize this include my time serving as the Director of Student Advocacy and Chief of Staff for the FIT Student Government Association, co-founding the FIT chapter of College Democrats, and serving as a Community College Representative for the SUNY Student Assembly. But these roles have also illustrated a cold hard truth about politics, people can say one thing but act in another way. I wear my heart on my sleeve, ethics, accountability and transparency are paramount when serving in public office and I intend to set a new standard in the field.

If you're reading this, know that your concerns are my concerns. We often fail to realize just how common our goals and beliefs are. At the core, we all want to live our lives with the comfort of domestic, economic, and social tranquility. I believe that when folks acknowledge this fact and overcome the partisan divides that grip our society, we can make progress unseen at any point in history prior. Care to join me in the fight?