Dominador "Dom" Pascual

Brookhaven Town Receiver of Taxes
Dom Pascual

Dom Pascual is a financial crimes attorney, bank compliance officer, patriot, and an commisioned officer in the New York Army National Guard. Dom Pascual is a certified Judge Advocate Officer and specializes in military justice and investigations with the U.S. Army.

Born and raised in Long Island, Dom Pascual works in anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism finance investigations. As a financial crimes attorney, Dom reviews billions of dollars of transactions every month for indicators of corruption, criminal activity or OFAC/ UN sanctions violations. This work provides critical financial intelligence which keeps America safe as we prevent criminal cartels, terrorists, and white collar criminals that want to harm us from using our international banking system. Dom regularly acts as a liason between the private sector and federal law enforcement to investigate major high profile crimes in the American Banking system and offshore financial centers. Dom Pascual is a subject matter expert on conducting administrative hearings and investigations, the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Patriot Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Prior to working for well-known British and American banking institutions such as J.P Morgan Chase, Dom served five years as a city attorney and hearing officer investigating government benefit fraud in the New York City Section 8 housing assistance program. He worked with the NY Department of Investigations (DOI) and the Department of Housing (HPD) to undercover hundreds of cases of corruption and fraud in the New York City welfare system saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

Dom attended Half Hollow Hills High School East and was an honors student and a scholar-athlete. Dom played varsity lacrosse and was involved with numerous academic groups such as the Debate Team and National Constitution Team. Dom attended SUNY Binghamton and received his BA in Environmental Planning and Political Philosophy with a minor in History. At SUNY Binghamton, Dom was a student leader and elected to the Student Government four years in a row. As a student leader, Dom regularly lobbied the SUNY trustees and his state elected officials for lower tuition, increased financial aid and better university facilities.

Later, Dom attended Vermont Law School and studied Business Law and Land Use Policies. During his studies, he interned with the Peconic and Nassau Land Trusts to study conservation and land preservation techniques in Long Island that maintain the open spaces and working farms on the North and South Folk. Dom, also interned with the NYS Attorney General's Office in the investor protector bureau and saw first hand how the Martin Act is a powerful tool to prosecute and investigate white collar criminals. Dom apprenticed with several attorneys and government agencies such as the Vermont Transportation Committee, Vermont Defender General and Vermont Legislative Counsel.

In 2005, Dom passed the Vermont and New York Bar Examinations and became an attorney-at-law.

Dom was raised in a Catholic family with six siblings. The son of a two local doctors in Long Island, Dom Pascual understands small and local businesses working in his parent's medical practice in Brentwood and Lake Ronkonkoma. Dom understands how excessive federal and local regulations and taxes can hinder economic growth for small business. And Dom understands there needs to be a balance with taxes, regulation and economic growth.

Dom lives in Farmingville with his wife Aditi. As homeowners in Suffolk County, we understand the importance of our local and county services and how important it is that our tax dollars are spent wisely. Aditi, an attorney, is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo Law School. They were happily married at St. Patrick's RC Church in Huntington, NY. Together they share their vision of Long Island as a wonderful, safe and healthy place to raise a family. They also have a passion for Long Island's numerous parks and open spaces.