Damon Rallis

Southold Town Assessor

Damon Peter Rallis, a North Fork native tracing his roots to Southold's early settlers, has vast experience in our local government, its laws, and its history. An employee of the Town of Southold since 2001, he is well-versed in all facets of town government, and has the institutional knowledge, as well as the high-demand public and customer service experience necessary to perform the duties of the position of Southold Town Assessor.

In his 16 years serving the people of Southold Town, Damon has been involved in policy-making decisions, code creation, code enforcement and interpretation, and building plans review.

In addition to his work in local government, Damon is an award-winning journalist, humorist and former newspaper editor. Damon has made a name for himself in the web development community as well, first building websites and managing online marketing campaigns, and later joining a local web development firm where he was immersed in all facets of online publishing, including sales, design, content management, SEO and more.