Brendon Henry

US House - (NY-01)

My name is Brendon Henry, and I am running to represent New York's First Congressional District in 2018. I am a life long resident of Eastern Long Island. I was born and raised here in a working family, and understand the value of hard work and the power of determination. I graduated high school here, and became the first to graduate college in my family here. I met and married my wife Brittany here, and now we are raising our son where we have always loved to call our home. Washington has forgotten who it works for, and I intend to remind them that the people always come first. We need a Congress that accurately and actually represents our people and district, not just the will of the parties. I will always put the needs and desires of the people of this district over party first politics, big money, and special interests. I hope to have your support as we try to restore order and accountability to Washington. Every voice matters, and my ear will always be available, my door will always be open, and together we can work to make our district the best it can be for everyone.