Anne Smith

Southold Town Council
Anne Smith

Anne Smith and her husband Ron have been living on the North Fork for the last 38 years. They moved into their current home in Mattituck in 1985, while still working in the Rocky Point School District, where Anne was employed as a teacher and then an assistant principal. Following that Anne served as Principal in the William Floyd School District.

In 1996 Anne was hired as the principal at Cutchogue East Elementary. After 18 years as principal, Anne was also asked to become Assistant Superintendent of the Mattituck Cutchogue School District. After she received her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Accountability from St. John’s University in 2008, she taught graduate classes for aspiring leaders. She was appointed as the Superintendent of Schools in the Mattituck-Cutchogue School District in 2014 and served in that role until 2018.

Leadership and learning define Anne’s professional career.

Since 2018, after serving as Superintendent, Anne retired and turned her attention to serving her community in other ways. Since retirement she has:

worked as a consultant to the Mattituck-Cutchogue School District

volunteered as a member of the Southold Town Police Review Task Force

was on the Board of Directors and then President of the Mattituck Laurel Civic Association

worked with the North Fork Civics to put forward a change in code for house size

chaired a panel on Affordable Housing

chaired the North Fork Coalition for Behavioral Health

Anne, her brother Patrick and dog Charlie, walking in the MLCA scholarship fundraiser, honoring the life and memory of Bill Lynch.

Her long career in school leadership, and her experience since retirement, have taught Anne a great deal about the importance of partnerships with government in order to achieve goals. Leadership and service started to intersect as she worked as a community leader.

Anne values the love of family, friends and community. Anne and Ron raised their children Caleb, Rebekah and Jacob on the North Fork where community and connection matter.

As many of you know, the tragic loss of her youngest, Caleb, in 2021, changed her and her family’s lives forever. Now Anne finds herself on a new leadership path. While the opportunity to return to community service may have come as a surprise, it is something she not only embraces, she is excited and energized to take on this challenge. She believes it comes with the courage needed to lead and connect with her community.

Southold Town is at a crossroads.
Anne is ready to serve our community at this critical juncture.

The pressure of development, the urgency to protect our water and open space and the need for authentic community engagement drives her vision for moving Southold Forward. Anne believes we must act as a townwide community to honor the past while planning for the future. She knows that electing this slate of candidates is the way to make that happen.

To address these important issues, the community will need experienced, inclusive and compassionate leadership. Anne will bring thoughtful planning and community enagement to her work as a councilwoman. There are untapped ways to embrace community engagement and partnerships because above all else remembering that community in and of itself is what matters most.