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Andrew Strong

Candidate for: 
East Hampton Town Trustee
Andrew Strong

I believe that I have the temperament, life experience and education to administer the law fairly, justly and with compassion. I’ve made my home in East Hampton (like many Strongs before me!) with my wife Rachael Faraone and our three children, ages 4, 3, and six months. I am currently the General Counsel to OLA of Eastern Long Island (Organization of Latino Americans). As a lifelong Democrat, I believe strongly in social and economic justice that begins with how we treat the least privileged among us. I also believe that at this moment in time, what we do on a local level is more critical than ever. How we render justice reflects who we are as a community. Our local decisions can and should stand against the cruelty inherent in our current President’s policies and administration. I am running for Town Justice to apply these values as a colorblind arbiter of law and facts.