Andrew Cuomo

Governor of New York State

Throughout his life, Andrew Cuomo has been a forceful voice for change in New York. His lifelong commitment to hard work, public service, and the people he serves has led to Andrew's recognition as a true innovator and a principled and determined leader.

His leadership as Attorney General has led to numerous industry-wide investigations -- exposing corrupt practices within both Albany and the private sector. He has been tenacious and unwavering in bringing widespread reform to industries that have abused the public trust and in bringing to justice individuals who have violated the law. And in doing so, he has recovered billions of dollars for New York’s citizens.

As the Attorney General of New York, Andrew has initiated a dramatic and historic expansion of the Civil Rights Bureau, won landmark decisions forcing the E.P.A. to enforce pollution laws, and achieved new standards in government transparency and accountability.

Andrew's strong values and demonstrated ability to achieve results stem from a grand tradition of service – a tradition that began in Queens, New York.